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Brian, Dougal's Friend.
Transcript from the series By Eric Thompson

Florence was at the Roundabout, waiting for something to happen.  And Zebedee was late again.
"Sorry to be late," he said
"That's all right," murmered Florence.
“There's a visitor in the garden,” said Zebedee,
“Oh good,” said Florence.
I wonder who the visitor is, thought Florence, as she wandered through the wood.
And Dougal found out.  It was a snail.  Dougal and the snail sized each other up.
"Hello," said the snail.
"Oh hello," said Dougal.  "Have we met?"
"Don't think so," said the snail.
"What's your name?" said Dougal.
"Brian," said the snail.
"Brian!!" said Dougal. "Snails aren't called Brian.  Snails are molluscs."
"Aren't you funny," said the snail, "I like you."
And he climbed on top of Dougal.
"Shall we go then?" he asked.
Florence was amazed.
“Um. Dougal, you appear to have a snail on your head,” said Florence.
"His name's Brian," sighed Dougal.
“Hello Brian,” said Florence.
"Hello," said Brian.
"Don't encourage him," said Dougal.
"He's nice and soft," said the snail, "I like him."
“Oh good,” said Florence.
And the snail talked to Florence.
Dougal tried to pretend that the snail wasn't there.
"Looks like rain," he said.
"It never rains here," said Florence.
"Sh!!" said Dougal.  "Looks like rain!!"
"Rain!?  I hate rain," said the snail, "It's so noisy.  I'll be off then."
And he was gone.
"That's a relief," said Dougal, "I thought I was stuck with him."
"I like your friend," said Florence.
"I can live without him," said Dougal, and he went off in a huff.
"Had a good day?" asked Zebedee.
"Yes thank you," said Florence.
"Did you meet Brian?" asked Zebedee.  "He's a mollusc, you know"
"I thought he was a snail," said Florence.
"Good-night" said Zebedee.

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