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Dougals Memoirs.
 Transcript from the series By Eric Thompson

Florence told Zebedee that she hadn't seen the birds or the cow or the train recently.
"Haven't you?" Said Zebedee. "Dougal has!"
and he laughed.

Florence asked Dougal what he was doing.

"I'm thinking of writing my memoirs," said Dougal, darkly.

Dougal looks at his papers.

"And some people had better watch out. "Ha! Ha!" Said Dougal.
"Secrets will be revealed," said Dougal.

Two birds fly in to say hello...

"Oh, hello," said Florence. "I was wondering where you were."
"We've been for a long walk," said one of the birds.
"They are funny," said Dougal.  "I may put them in my memoirs  -  if I have a spare page."
And he went.
"Wait for me, Dougal," said Florence.
But Dougal was busy.

Dougal meets Ermintrude at  the gate to the field.

"Hello, Dougal, you dog," said Ermintrude.
"Good morning, madam," said Dougal, nervously. And he went on his way .
"Hello, Dougal, you dog," said a flower.
"Good morning, Miss," said Dougal.
 "Hello, Dougal, you dog," said the train.
This is getting monotonous, thought Dougal.

The train whistles.

"Er, good morning, train," said Dougal.
And then Dougal got the feeling that he was being watched. And he was... Being watched.

Brian is in the tree and Dougal looks up at him, nervously.

"I like you," said the snail. And he laughed like anything. He laughed so much that he shook the tree.
"Where are you, Dougal? said Florence.
"Dougal," called Ermintrude.
"Dougal," called the train.
"Dougal," said the snail.
"Where are you, Dougal?" Said Florence.
"He's lovely," said the cow.
"He's a lovely," said the train.
"I like him," said the snail.
"Why is everyone being so nice to you, Dougal?" Said Florence.
"They are frightened about what I might say in my memoirs," said Dougal, darkly.

"The pen is mightier than the sword. So you can all watch out."

"We don't know what you mean," they said, and left.
"Where is your pen, Dougal?" said Florence.
"Oh, you!" said Dougal.
And then Zebedee came in with a butterfly on his head, which was unusual. And said
"Time for bed," which wasn't unusual.

The Dougal book.
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