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Dylan Decides to Stay a While.
 Transcript from the series By Eric Thompson

Florence told Zebedee that she wasn’t able to go to the garden because she had to practice the piano at home.
“Very laudable” said Zebedee, “but it just so happens there’s something to be learned about music in the garden today.”
“What can you mean?” said Florence.
“Go and see,” said Zebedee, casually.
“All right, I will,” said Florence, “and I’ll practise tomorrow – very hard.”
When Florence got to the garden she found it was very hot.  She asked Dougal if he found it hot.
“Swel-ter-ing!” said Dougal.
“Take your coat off” said Florence.
“Very funny,” said Dougal.
“We need a fan,” said Florence.
“I beg your pardon?” said Dougal.
“We need a fan,” said Florence, “to fan ourselves with.”
And she looked around and noticed some very long leaves.
“Let’s make a fan out of leaves”, said Florence, and she went to pick some.
“You do have some funny ideas,” said Dougal, “but you’re very clever”.
And he went to help.
So they picked some leaves to make a fan.
“That’s lovely” said Florence.
“Just a few more,” muttered Dougal.  “Oh, they seem to be stuck…um…hm…oh dear…”

Just then, strangely enough, a stranger arrives.

“Steady, man,” Said the stranger.  “Steady…”
“Good Heavens,” said Dougal.
“Interested in nature, man?” said the stranger.
“Er…whom do I have the honour of addressing?” said Dougal.
“Names Dylan, man,” said the stranger.  “I’m a rabbit.”
“You could have fooled me,” said Dougal.
"I just arrived in your pleasant garden. Think I might, like...stay a while..."
"My name's Dougal," said Dougal, "and this Florence."
"Glad to know you, mam," said Dylan.
"Glad to know you,” said Florence.
“He's a rabbit.” said Dougal.
"How interesting," said Florence politely.
"We just arrived - me and my guitar," said Dylan.
"You play the guitar?" said Florence.
"Like a dream," said Dylan, and he went to get it.
"What's his name?" whispered Florence.
"Dylan," hissed Dougal.

Dylan returns humming.

"Here we are," said Dylan.  "Like...the group complete."
"Would you play us a tune?" said Florence.
But Dylan said that before playing he had to find inspiration and relaxation.
"Do you read music?" said Florence.
"No, I play by ear, mam," said Dylan.
“Well, they're big enough,” said Dougal to himself.
"Hee Hee"
"Quiet please," said Dylan.

Dylan plays some chords.

"That's lovely" said Florence.
“Play Scotland the Brave,” said Dougal.
And Dylan asked him to write it down as he didn't know it.
“You don't know Scotland the Brave?!” said Dougal.

Dougal hums it, petering out after a few notes.

“Don't know it?” said Dougal.
"What label's it on?" said Dylan.
We've got a right one here thought Dougal.
"Play something else, Dylan," said Florence.
"Inspiration's gone." said Dylan.
"Oh, I am sorry," said Florence.
And Dylan's inspiration was so far gone - he fell asleep.
"He's asleep!" said Florence.
“What a funny rabbit,” said Dougal, and he played a note on the guitar, which woke Dylan up.
"Do I hear music?" said Dylan.
"!" said Dougal.
But Dylan's sleep had given him inspiration...

Dylan plays and hums, inspired.

"Gone, man gone," said Dylan.
"He's gone again," said Florence.
And he had.
"The effort was too much for him," said Dougal.
So Florence and Dougal decided they had better leave Dylan to gather his inspiration, and they left, very quietly.
"Goodbye, Dougal," whispered Florence.
"Goodbye, Florence," whispered Dougal, giggling.
And when Zebedee arrived, he asked Florence if she'd learned anything about music.
"It was most instructive," said Florence, thoughtfully.
"Good-night, Dougal."

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