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Monster Day.
Transcript from the series By Eric Thompson

“Today is monster day,” said Zebedee, “but remember there are monsters and monsters.”
And he laughed and he was gone.
Florence and Dougal weren't quite sure what he meant, but then they saw it.
“It's not a monster,” said Florence, “it's a cow...Hello, cow.”
“Hello,” said the cow and she mooed contentedly.
“Come and say hello, Dougal” said Florence.
“I'm not saying hello to a flower eating monster,” said Dougal.

and he darts quickly behind a tree.

I don't eat flowers, he thought, so why should monsters?

Florence comes to look for Dougal, who runs up a tree.

But it is possible he was still just a little bit frightened.
“Come down Dougal,” said Florence. "Cow says she'll take us to see the pretty flowers - special ones that she doesn't eat"
But Zebedee said that it was time to go home.

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