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 Transcript from the series By Eric Thompson

Florence said hello to Mr Rusty.
"And Hello to you," said Mr Rusty.
"Seen Zebedee?" Said Florence just as Zebedee arrived...
"I trust I find you well?" Said Zebedee.
"Why shouldn't we be?" Said Florence.
Dougal was waiting...
"Hello," said Florence.


Mr  MacHenry arrived, very excited about something


"Hello," said Florence.
"I've seen mushrooms growing in the garden," said Mr MacHenry. "Two, I've seen - marvellous."
"How lovely," said Florence.
"I'm going to look for some more," said Mr MacHenry, and he left to look for some more.
"And so shall we," said Florence.
"We?!" said Dougal. "If you think I'm picking mushrooms at my time of life, you're off your head."
Florence took no notice...
"I'll trouble you to take notice,"said Dougal. "And anyway there aren't any mushrooms. Not a single mush!"
"You may be right," said Florence. "Come on."
"And anyway," said Dougal, following Florence, "a mushroom hunt is a dodgy business. Say we find toad- stools in our innocence. The dreaded Death-Cup, for instance, or the False Blusher, hmm?"
"You do go on, Dougal," said Florence, still searching.
"I wonder where they are?" She mused. "Only flowers here."
"You won't be told, will you?" Said Dougal, testily.
"No, I won't," said Florence.
They came across something which looked like a mushroom, but it was only Dylan...
"Greetings, mortals," he said. "See what I have here? Mushrooms - a great delicacy."

Dylan goes to sleep and snores.

"I have to admit that rabbit's right," said Dougal, "fungus abounds."

"I would prefer you not to pick mine," said Dylan, waking.
"Oh, no, we wouldn't," said Dougal.
"Finders is, like, keepers," said Dylan.
"You'll be lucky," said Dougal.
"What did he say?" Said Florence.
"Nothing," said Dougal.

Dougal slurps.

"I'll just pick one," said Florence.

Florence picks a mushroom and the mushroom grows.

"Gracious! Look at this," said Florence.
"I'd be rather not," said Dougal. "I think you've disturbed the balance of nature."
Florence was intrigued. She picked another... And that got bigger too.
"I think you've got to lean forces you don't understand," said Dougal.
"They're magic," said Florence, prophetically, and she poured some water over it.
"Well," said Dougal, "that wouldn't be much good on toast, would it?"

The mushroom changes into a parasol.

"Eek" said Dougal.
"Magic," said Florence.
"It's against nature," said Dougal. "Someone has been tampering..."

Florence looks at the parasol, which grows, surprisingly.

The tampering continued.
"I wash my paws of the whole affair," said Dougal.
But Florence was delighted.
Dylan, in his own way, was guarding his mushroom.

Dylan yawns and slurps.

"Look, Dylan," said Florence.
Now they'll coo over that for hours, I suppose, thought Dougal and left.

Florence gave the parasol to Dylan, as a present.

"Thank you, mam," said Dylan.
"You're welcome," said Florence.

"Just what I needed, mam," said Dylan, and he fell asleep under it.
Zebedee arrived. "All happy here?" He asked.
"We've been picking a few mushrooms," said Florence.
"Sounds a bit dull," said Zebedee.
"About as dull as a forest fire," said Dougal, "what with one thing and another."
And  they left - thereby missing certain happenings...