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Brian Quotes
Brian said:

"I'm terribly confused,"

"He's bigger than me!" (on being asked to tell Dylan to go away ).

 "All suitably agog?"

"Snails are under estimated,"

"The ice-man, Cometh... It is making certain parts of little me rather numb"

"Snails are misused little creatures"

Others on Brian:

"You soppy clump,"  -  Dougal

"Where have you been, lightning?"-Dougal


Dougal Quotes

Dougal said:

"I'm not made of stone, you know, I'm sensitive."

"I'm here, let joy be unconfined."

"I may scream and faint."

"A Kite! C- I-T-E.  Kite."

"Functional and pretty... Like me"

"I just wish that if people say they will do something, they do it,"

(With a guitar glued to his back) "Cut my crowning glory? Never!"

"Keep your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears,"

"I shall be back soon with some plants from Mars," said Dougal
"Your mother's?" said Mr MacHenry.

"I've got a call you something," said Brian.
"Try "Sir"," said Dougal.

Others on Dougal:

"...That crazy dog with fur?" - Dylan.

"Great hairy lump" - Brian

"Oh, your nose is cold..."-Florence

"You cruel, heartless beast." - The Train

"I'm your chum."-Brian

"You're so difficult sometimes,"-Florence

"Hello, handsome,"- Ermintrude

"You could do with having your barnet trimmed." -Brian

"Cheeky thing,"-Ermintrude

Dylan Quotes

Dylan Said:

Im a rabbit.

"But I'm a rabbit who sleeps, I'm not the hopping kind."

Others on Dylan:

"I knew we'd have trouble with this one" - Dougal.

"I'm fed up with holding up your trousers... You're always asleep - I never get out." Dylan's belt.

"People have been put in pies for less" - Dougal (on finding Dylan in his bed).

Ermintrude Quotes

Ermintrude said:

"I'm an Ayrshire!"

"I've come over all unnecessary."

"I'm a bus."

(to Dougal) "Would you like to round me up?"

"It will be supermarkets and stilton hotels next ..."

".. I'm getting crampy, in an awkward place."

"I am still in cracking form:"

"I'm working myself up into an absolute frenzy,"

Others on Ermintrude:

"... Flower-eating monster,"  -  Dougal.

"She's about as light on her feet as a hippo with a sprained ankle," -  Dougal.

" mad bovine fool" - Dougal

 Ermintrude & Dougal WAV 64.2 Kb

Florence Quotes

Florence said:

"Whatever next?"

"Take your coat off," (To Dougal)

Others on Florence:

"You're so young and trusting." - Ermintrude

"Miss Huffy" -  Dougal

"Ooh Miss Giggle today are we?"-Dougal

"Children nowadays - really!"-Dougal.

"Our very talented and beautiful friend"-Mr Rusty

Zebedee Quotes

Zebedee said:

"Time for bed." WAV 12.5Kb

"I try to please,"

"It's nice to have satisfied customers."

Others on Zebedee:

"Zebedee will put it right,"-Florence.