Biographies of the main Characters
Dougal   "Well, you're not big and bald are you darling?"

Considered by many the main player in the programme, Dougal even appears in  his own film called "Dougal and the Blue Cat".  Unbeknownst to many Dougal is actually a Maltese Terrier, he has two bad habits; turning around in circles and an addiction to sugar cubes.  He considers himself to be the brains in the garden, is arrogant, appallingly rude and his favourite hobbies include upsetting Ermintrude and insulting Brian.  That said, underneath it all he's a bit of a softie and he's the most popular character in the programme as much of the humour is derived from Dougal's daydreams, sarcastic wit and droll sense of humour  (Thompson once said that Dougal owed a lot to Tony Hancock).

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Brian   "Lead on small mollusc..."

Brian is the real brains of the outfit.  Mostly affable he has been known to loose his temper. He credits others with more intelligence than himself and is often heard apologizing to Dougal unnecessarily.  He can be dim-witted and sometimes agrees with the more ludicrous of the dogs' ideas.  However after a slight pause he normally pipes up with a sentence beginning with something like "do you think" or "maybe we should.." and common sense prevails.

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Zebedee   "Time for bed"

Zebedee is a Boingy thing originally described as a jack-in-the-box.  Often he knows what is going to happen in advance.  It is Zebedee who brings the magic back to the garden, and in times of chaos he restores order.  The more outlandish story lines (a pink cow and a talking snail are completely normal) tend to occur because of his magic and he has the ability to turn himself into anything he chooses.  He also heralds the end of episodes with the oft spoke catch phrase "time for bed".

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