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Biographies of the main Characters
Florence "You're the girl"

Big hands, Big feet, bad hair-do - what more can a shaggy dog ask for?  Often mistakenly referred to as Dougal's girlfriend the creators weren't actually that weird. The beginning of the Magic Roundabout series kicks off with an unhappy Mr Rusty wishing that the magic would return to his roundabout, Zebedee achieves this by bringing children to play in the garden and ride the roundabout.  Florence is the child that features in the stories with rare appearances by the other 3.   Pleasant, caring and a key player in the stories, Florence is often found smoothing ruffled feathers or worrying about Dougal.

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Dylan "zzzzz"

Dylan is the infamous sleepy bunny who wakens occasionally to play his guitar.  Instantly recognizable big buck teeth and Freddy Kruger hands Dylan is not your regular fluffy bunny, indeed it is his presence that provides the most evidence to back up the theory that the Magic Roundabout was all about drugs.  Dylan is a key figure in the magic mushroom episode but other than this most of the theory is based upon the fact that Thompson created a hippy persona for him (man).

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Ermintrude "I'm an Ayrshire!"

Ermintrude is the other girlie in the series and her character provided a basis for Mrs Slocombe in are you being served? (surely the day will come when she will cry "where's my pussy dear?").  She harbours a crush on Dougal and nearly scores in the Don Quixote episode. Ermintrude has a habit of calling everyone dear and a scary ability to turn her head through 360°.  On a superficial level she seems to be incredibly dim, but one suspects that she merely takes great delight in teasing the others and she is the only character with a wit to match that of Dougal.

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